Ice Skating is acomprehensive library of 1000 audio files drawn from the realm of ice skating. It encompasses many variety of sounds using different skating techniques and depicts various ice skating activities such as hockey game, figure skating, free skating ... Most of the recordings have been made in an outdoor setting allowing to belittle reverberations. Almost all of the sounds were recorded using a M/S technique with AKG C-414 and Rode Nt5, and a Sound Devices mixPre. Focused and detailed This library presents unique focused sounds that have been edited meticulously making them easier to integrate in any audiovisual project or interactive program.   The rare distinctive quality of these recordings also allows them to be a base for any sound experimentation through a creative process; and can be layered with other sounds or treated in order to produce interesting sound design.

This bundle contains

  1. 1000 files / 870Mo



Recording type

MS decoded



Sub Category

ice skating


Montreal, Canada


96kHz / 24Bit